Role of Person involved in SDLC Team | Employee of SDLC

System Development Lifecycle is all about the planning, testing, analyzing, designing, coding, Implementation of the different system modules, and there is a necessity of various persons and employees to complete each SDLC phase and to build a computerized system as a result.

Without Man-Power or Employees SDLC can't be completed thus man-power is necessary from the first phase (Planning) up to the Implementation of that system in the real-world environment and also required after Implementation because that implemented system may need further maintenance.

role, responsibility of Person/Employee involved in SDLC Team

Role and Responsibility of Person involved in SDLC Phases

In SDLC following main personals are involved:

  •  Management,
  •  Project Manager,
  •  System Analyst,
  •  Programmer,
  •  Software Tester, and

  •  Customer.

Now we will define the role of each of the above personals one by one with their responsibilities in brief.

 Role of Management:

Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the efforts of organization members and of using all other organizational resources in software development by Manager and its coordinators. 

The main roles and responsibilities of management are:

  •  Ensuring the delivery of a quality software.
  • Ensuring the customer requirements are met.
  •  Collection of historical information for future use.
  • Reducing risks associated with a project.

 Role of Project Manager:

A project manager is a professional in the field of project manager responsible for planning, execution, and closing of any project. 

The main roles and responsibilities of Project Manager are:

  •  Project planning.
  •  Managing all stakeholders.
  •  Managing the project team.
  •  Managing project risk.
  •  Managing the project schedule, budget, and other resources.

 Role of System Analyst:

A system analyst is a professional in the field of software development that studies the problem, plans solutions for them, recommend software systems and coordinate them with the development team to meet the requirements. 

The main roles and responsibilities of System Analyst are:

  •  Studying problems in a system.
  •  Planning a solution to the problems.
  •  Recommending a software system that will be used to solve the problems.
  •  Interacting with designers to understand software limitations.

 Role of Programmer:

A programmer is a technical person that writes computer programs in computer programming language to develop software. A programmer writes, test and debug computer programs.

The main roles and responsibilities of Programmers are:

  •  Writing, testing and debugging programs.
  •  Updating, repairing and modifying the existing programs according to needs.
  •  Developing new methods and approaches to computer programing.
  •  Analyzing the progress of computer programs.

 Role of software Tester:

A software tester is a computer programmer having a specialty in testing the computer software. 

The main roles and responsibilities of Software Tester are:

  •  Apply different methods for testing software.
  •  Writing and executing test scripts.
  •  Participate in test plan preparation.
  •  Informing testing team leader on any issues that could impact the quality of software.

 Role of Customer:

A customer is an individual or an organization that is a current or potential buyer or user of the software product. A customer can also be referred to be users, staffs, partners, manager.

The main roles and responsibilities of Customer are:

  •  Work with the team to make them really understand your service.
  •  Work together with a team to share expectations on the outcomes.
  •  The customer should define very clear goals for the project before we start.

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